The Commuter Challenge is our combined effort to reduce traffic and stress, save money and go green to improve and promote southeast Michigan region. To reach all of these goals, we are asking you to ditch your solo drive to work during from March 24 - May 23 and try an alternate mode of transportation. The Challenge is longer this year to help all commuters, especially those who ordinarily take I-96 during its closure from Newburg to Telegraph.

Oh, and you could win some great prizes too!

Explore other transportation options to find which mode best fits your lifestyle. So what motivates you?

Your Health?
Reducing your stress level?
Saving money?
Reducing your carbon footprint?

When I took the challenge in 2012, I discovered a new way to commute to work. Now, instead of driving my car to work, I ride the bus. I can read during my commute and not worry about finding a parking spot or dealing with the stress of traffic. Now I use public transportation every day. ~Mike H.

Go ahead…Start exploring your new commute to work!