Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Commuter Challenge! Here are the list of winners:

1. Kindle Fire – Daniel Padilla
2. Marriott Hotel Stay – Sanford Blanton
3. Tigers tickets – Bill Durand
4. $100 Andiamo – Mark Parks
5. $100 Texas de Brazil - Michelle Zimkiewicz
6. $50 Massage Green Spa – Pete Costa
7. $50 Amazon – Walter Falby
8. $50 AMC Theaters – Nedra Russell
9. $50 Buffalo Wild Wings - Kimberly Leonard
10.$50 Visa card – Joanne Chen

Explore other transportation options to find which mode best fits your lifestyle. So what motivates you?

Your Health?
Reducing your stress level?
Saving money?
Reducing your carbon footprint?

When I took the challenge in 2012, I discovered a new way to commute to work. Now, instead of driving my car to work, I ride the bus. I can read during my commute and not worry about finding a parking spot or dealing with the stress of traffic. Now I use public transportation every day. ~Mike H.

Go ahead…Start exploring your new commute to work!