Reduce Southeast Michigan’s carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly commuting during the Detroit Commuter Challenge. Through the entire month of May, instead of driving alone to work, consider taking an alternative form of transportation (carpooling, bus, vanpooling, biking, walking, telecommuting). Sharing the ride reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and promotes better health and thriving communities. Start logging your commutes toward our carbon reduction goal and you might pick up one of our great prizes along the way. Your miles make the difference!

Goal: 175,000 Pounds of CO 2 Reduced

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Your Miles Make the Difference

Leaderboard Pounds of CO 2 Reduced

Spread the Word

The more people that join the Commuter Challenge, the better chance we have of meeting our goal and reducing our collective carbon footprint, so encourage your friends and coworkers to join!

Keep up with Commuter Challenge on Facebook and Twitter, or join the conversation using the hashtag #commuterchallenge.